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The Deluxe Sno-Kone machine is the answer for cool refreshing party treats.

This Snow cone machine can shave 500 lbs of ice an hour! Great for fund raisers or your child's birthday party.

Make 2-flavor snow cones by pouring different flavor syrup on each half of the snow cone.

We offer quarts or gallons of syrup, or you can pick up your own.


$75 for 6 hours

*you provide ice*

Price quote includes rental, local delivery (see below), setup, instructions, and consumable supplies!

Flavors include:




Green Apple


Accessories included are Sno-Kone Dipper, 6 oz. Cup Dispenser, Sno- and Ice Scoop.

Sno-Kone Flavors

We will supply you with 2 ready to use syrup flavor in a gallon container with pump. Many kids like to try out different flavors, so we offer more flavors, which you may purchase. Unlike others, we supply READY to use syrups, - we know you have better things to do than mixing and measuring on party day! 

Sno-Kone Cups 6oz

#1060 6 oz. Sno-Kone Cups are made especially for us from extra thick paper, extra-heavy “dry wax” so that a Sno-Kone can be enjoyed completely before the cup “wimps out!” The Gold Medal genuine Sno-Kone cup costs a little more than the “26 lb. per case” water cup but those thin water cups are absolutely not acceptable. Always serve your Sno-Kones in cups strong enough to last while the entire serving is being enjoyed.


Much safer operation! The Deluxe Sno-Konette is the shaver of choice for operator safety! You must push the motor switch in and hold it as you pull down on the pusher handle to force the ice against the spinning shaver head. More pressure gives coarser snow – lighter pressure gives finer snow. Colder ice gives finer snow in this machine. Capacity 300 to 500 lbs. of ice per hour.

Space Needed

The cotton candy machine must be set up on a table or counter that is sturdy and stable. It measures 16' deep by 22" wide and is approximately 29" tall.


An adult must be in charge of the sno-cone machine at all times.


An electrical outlet needs to be available within 50' of the sno-cone machine. Machine operates on 816 watts, 6.8 Amps, 120 volts.


This item can be picked up. It will fit a large car trunk or in the back of a pickup truck or SUV. Delivery is free with rental of 2 other services or rental . Delivery fee is $ .50 mile if over 10 miles away from Sandy Springs.

Other Requirements

You will need a table or counter to set the sno-cone machine on while in use.

You will also need to purchase: Ice- 1 standard bag makes about 6-10 sno-cones

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