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Small Chocolate Fountain Rental

Our Small Chocolate Fountain is a fantastic addition to any occasion. Your friends and family will love the mouth watering veils of chocolate flowing over the tiers of the tower, to dip your favorite snacks and saturate them with chocolate fun!

The customer is responsible for picking up and returning the fountain and we teach you the simple steps for operating the fountain. A printed copy of the instructions are included, as well.

This fountain is perfect for events such as birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties, holidays, or even dinner parties and will easily serve up to approximately 75 guests!

The wonderful advantage of this chocolate fountain is the price! We offer this fountain to you starting at only $25 for 3 hours. Additional delivery and services are available for extra fees.

Dimension: 7.5 X 7.5 X 13

Voltage: 120


The chocolate fountain can be used in place of the wedding cake, as an appetizer or as a great addition to a cake. Our 3-hour time frame allows for use for both the appetizer, dessert and as a cake. We call it the "21st Century Wedding Cake". We also know that many previous brides have enjoyed our chocolate fountain as the center of attention during their dessert reception. If you want people to remember your wedding, party or special event as unique and special, add a chocolate fountain as an appetizer or as a dessert and make everything that much sweeter.

We delight in creating a beautiful experience around the chocolate fountain that will impress your guests, and leave you with wonderful happy memories. We look forward to serving you soon!

The Chocolate Fountain Concierge

The Chocolate Fountain Concierge is dedicated and focused on the highest standards of customer satisfaction and will help your guests with any questions they may have with their new experience, consistently wipe the machine and keep it clean, and provide the best customer service.

We Guarantee To:

Be on-time for your event

Return all phone calls promptly

Always be smiling, friendly, and attentive

Dress professionally

Have a beautiful presentation for your event

Make your guests our #1 priority

$15 per half hour

(Flow time- We do not charge for take down time)


Our "Full-Service" rental of the chocolate fountain is just $150 for 3 hours. This price includes a chocolate fountain brought to your special event and a chocolate fountain representative to monitor and clean up the chocolate fountain when the event is over. It also includes the following:

  • Enough chocolate for 100 guests
  • Skewers for 100 guests
  • Our Drip-Zone coverage to keep your table clean
  • A Chocolate Fountain Concierge service to organize and refresh your dipping items for the chocolate fountain
  • Nothing for you to worry about regarding the chocolate fountain

If you are worried about setting up or cleaning up the chocolate fountain, don't. Our chocolate fountain concierge will do all that for you. With our full service chocolate fondue fountain rental, you don't have to lift a finger. We do all the work.

Let our "Full-Service" chocolate fountain rental make your party or wedding even better!

$150 for 3 hours

$25 per half hour after 3 hours (Concierge & Fountain)

(Flow time- We do not charge for take down time)


Our "Semi-Service" chocolate fountain rental is the lowest priced chocolate fountain rental at $75 for 3 hours.

  • Enough chocolate for 100 guests
  • 100 skewers for poking items to dip in the chocolate fountain
  • Easy-to-use chocolate fountain set-up and clean-up directions
  • Also includes level, surge protector, extension cord and more

If you are worried about setting up or cleaning up the chocolate fountain, don't. Our chocolate fountain is a breeze to set-up and our previous customers usually brag about their "chocolate fountain skills". Our directions are extremely detailed and show different pictures of the chocolate fountain for you to breeze through set-up and clean-up. No matter what you choose to do, chocolate fountain rentals are a favorite. Let our "Semi-Service" chocolate fountain rental make your party or wedding even more "Sweet"!

$75 for 3 hours

$15 per half hour after 3 hours (Fountain only)


Our "Basic" chocolate fountain rental is the lowest priced chocolate fountain rental at $20 for 3 hours.

  • Easy-to-use chocolate fountain set-up and clean-up directions
  • Also includes level, surge protector, extension cord and more

$20 for 3 hours

$10 per half hour after 3 hours (Fountain only)

Dipping Possibilities

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Accepting Wedding & Party Rental Reservations

We are happy to provide a range of freshly prepared foods to dip into your chocolate fountain, for an extra charge. We purchase the dippers as near to the hire date as possible, and serve them on platters to surround the fountain. Please call for special requests as far as your display preference.

Fountain & Catering Packages Include

Delivery (please see delivery terms)

Set-up, tear-down and cleaning of fountain

Professionally dressed fountain attendant

Wooden dipping skewers, plates & napkins

Your choice of 6 dipping items(Fresh fruit not included)

Unlimited gourmet dipping chocolate

Your choice of dark, milk, or white chocolate -

Caramel also available at additional cost

Chocolate Fountain Fruit Possibilities

(fresh fruit subject to availability)

Strawberries - Bananas (Frozen or Fresh) - Apple Slices - Pineapple - Kiwi - Grapes - Maraschino Cherries - Melons - Pears - Mango - Dried Apricots - Other Dried Fruits

Catering Price $3.00 per person

Chocolate Fountain Cookie Possibilities

Chocolate Chip - Nutter Butters - Oreos - Rice Krispy Treats - Brownie Rounds - Sugar Wafers - Vanilla Wafers - Lady Fingers - Snickerdoodles - Peanut Butter Cookies - Gingersnaps - Coconut Macaroons - Tea Biscuits - Shortbread Cookies - Biscotti

Catering Price $2.00 per person

Other Sweet Possibilities

Caramel Squares - Mint Sticks - Crème De Pirouline - Peanut Butter Spoons - Graham Cracker Squares - Marshmallows - Candy Canes - Donuts - Mini Cream Puffs - Angel Food Cake - Frozen Twinkies - Ice Cream Sandwich Squares

Catering Price $2.00 per person

Chocolate Fountain Salty Possibilities

Potato Chips - Pretzel Rods - Ritz Crackers - Nuts

Catering Price $1.50 per person


We do ask that you please keep in mind that foods which crumble, such as cake or raspberries, may not be used because they will fall into the fountain and cause the chocolate to be lumpy which will create a disruption in the flow of chocolate. However, Chocolate Fountain Ladling is appropriate for those items.

Chocolate Fountain Ladling Possibilities

Wedding Cake - Pound Cake - Pastries - Banana Bread - Ice Cream - Sundaes - Banana Splits - Cheesecake

Catering Packages may be customized to include your choice of Dipping Items. You also have the option to work with your own caterer, your banquet facility, or to provide the dipping items yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many guests will the chocolate fountain serve?

The chocolate fountain will serve an unlimited amount of guests as long as additional chocolate is added. If you choose a fountain & dipping package the chocolate is provided with your fountain rental. If you choose a fountain only package 2lbs of chocolate will be provided which is usually adequate for up to 25 guests. Additional chocolate can be purchased for $4 per pound. Of course, we will always have an adequate supply on hand if it becomes needed.

2. How long will I be able to have the chocolate fountain at my event?

Most people use the chocolate fountain during the appetizer portion of their event. If you prefer it after dinner, we can do that as well. Up to 3 hours of fountain enjoyment is usually plenty of time for your guests to partake in The Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence. Should you decide to use the fountain for both appetizers and dessert we will gladly accommodate your requests made at the time of booking. Set up and tear down are included in the cost of the fountain and are not part of your flowing time.

3. Who is responsible for delivery, set up and tear down of the chocolate fountain?

We are if you get the package w/ concierge. We will arrive at your event approximately 1 hour prior to the starting time listed on your contract. We will set up the fountain and have the chocolate flowing as your guests begin to arrive. A professionally dressed attendant will be there at all times to show your guests how to enjoy the fountain as well as to maintain a clean area free of chocolate spills during the event. Presentation is of utmost importance to us. Our attendants are more than happy to replenish the dipping items and to keep the appearance of the table at it’s finest. At the conclusion of the event we will need approximately ½ hour to tear down and clean up.

4. Can I have a chocolate fountain out my outdoor event?

Unfortunately, no. The chocolate fountain must be set up indoors for several reasons. Flying insects and other creatures love chocolate too and they could not resist the sweet aroma. Maintaining the temperature of chocolate is critical for continued smooth operation and would be difficult to control outdoors. In addition, the wind outside could affect the cascading of the chocolate.

5. What type of chocolate do you use?

We use only the finest blends of gourmet chocolate available, which are specially formulated to produce a smooth flowing cascade and deliver unparalleled taste. We offer dark, milk and white chocolate and also caramel. For a unique experience, you may add flavoring to your chocolate of choice. To enhance visual effect, we are able to provide a wide variety of colors to match any décor. (Coloring can be used with white chocolate only).

6. Is the chocolate hot?

The chocolate is warm but not hot. You can dip an item in the fountain and safely enjoy it immediately without allowing it to cool.

7. Is the chocolate fountain messy?

Surprisingly, no. Our fountains have been specifically designed with a basin to prevent messy drips and splattering. Other than the occasional drip from an over-indulgent guest, the chocolate fountain should stay perfectly clean. Our attendants are always on hand to maintain a clean presentation.

8. How does the chocolate fountain work?

Inside the fountain is a specially designed stainless steel auger (looks like a corkscrew) that rotates and brings the melted chocolate from the basin to the top. The chocolate will then overflow and cascade down the fountain and back into the basin.

9. Who will provide the dipping items?

If you already have a caterer for your event or if your venue has in-house catering, they can provide all of the food for dipping. We will work with you and them to identify a list of appropriate dipping items. If you do not have a caterer we can provide the dipping items for you at an additional cost if your event facility allows outside vendors. If you provide the dipping items yourself, please keep in mind that the way you display your dipping items makes a big difference in the presentation. Whichever option you choose, we will work diligently to make sure that your event is a success.

10. What items may be used for dipping?

Please see our Dipping Possibilities section for a list of the most popular dipping items. The potential dipping items are limited only by your imagination. However, please keep in mind that foods that crumble, such as cake, may not be used because they will fall into the fountain and cause the chocolate to be lumpy which will create a disruption in the flow of chocolate.

11. What are the technical requirements to run the chocolate falls fountain at my event?

All we need to operate the fountain are a level, sturdy table capable of holding at least 150lbs and access to a 120-volt grounded electrical outlet within 10 feet of the fountain location. Please reconfirm these requirements with your banquet facility before the event so that there is no delay in the set up of the fountain. In addition, either you or your banquet facility should provide color coordinating table linens for the fountain table.

12. What is the rental cost of a chocolate fountain?

Please see our Pricing Options section for the package that will best suit your needs.

13. Do you require reservations and a deposit?

Yes, we require the date to be booked in advance along with a signed contract and a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Reservations are limited and are on a first come first serve basis so be sure to book your event early. The balance of your payment is due 14 days prior to the event. For your convenience we accept cash or credit card.

14. What locations do Chocolate Fountain Rental service?

We are happy to service the greater Atlanta area including the following counties: North Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb and South Fulton. We do charge a delivery fee of $1.50 per mile for any area outside of a 25-mile radius of the Sandy Springs area.

15. Do you provide decorations for around the chocolate fountain?

The chocolate fountain itself is an eye-catching centerpiece especially with all of the wonderful treats surrounding the flowing chocolate. However, we are happy to work with you or your florist for whatever decorations you choose to complete the setting. If you wish to have specific color coordinating table linens they should be provided by either you or your banquet facility.