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Born in Los Angeles, California, I moved to Sandy Springs, Georgia to start a new life in a safe and family-oriented environment for me to raise my 2 kids. While I was a teenager in Los Angeles, I would paint various ceramics as a hobby and everyone noticed how well I painted. During my kids parties I did the faces of all their friends and they enjoyed it so much they said I should do this professionally.

After moving to Georgia a second time in 2003 I sent my children to a College Prep school called Imhotep Center of Education and came on board volunteering, doing administrative work, fund raiser committee and in that I decided to become a face painting vendor and what has started as a hobby doing my daughter and son faces for Halloween and their friends at birthday parties has become a creative career.

Since then I have done many birthday parties, fund raisers, BBQ's, family reunions, and corporate picnics and events.


I used to get these questionnaires in my email all the time and saw it on Pashur's (One of the best and would love to work with him one day) website so I decided to compile the answers on my website...seems we have some things in common.

Name: Frances M.

Location: Sandy Springs, GA

Birthdate: August 30, 1976

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Interests: Painting people, Making kids smile, dressing up, singing, forensic science shows & books, True ghost stories, horror movies, special FX, gothic items, egyptology, making people laugh, watching movies, bowling, road trips, traveling, zoos and aquariums, and going to stand up comedy clubs.

Tattoos: 2 of them. They are both in areas that can be covered.

Piercings: None anymore but I used to have my tongue pierced, I let it close to work at a law office. (turns out I didn't have to because my boss wouldn't have minded which I found out too late lol)

Pets: A snake named Akita and a puppy named Shadow (Tails)

Stupid Trick: I can flip my lips up...I call it big lips...not a pretty sight lol

Collect: Masquerade Masks, Swords, Medievil looking Objects (dragons, skulls, gargoyles) and Dirty Secrets.

Pet Peeves: Ignorant people. This consists of liars, manipulative people, people who jump line, rude people, lack of respect on the road, people who make fun of the disabled and the elderly to name a few.


Music: R & B, Alternative, 50's, 60's, 70's and Retro 80's.

Bands: Bone Crusher f/ Valley High (and not just because I am on the album), Timbaland, Queen, The Temptations, George Michael, Michael Jackson, yeah I know they are solo artists...

Movies: The Color Purple

Foods: Belizean, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Cajun

Fast Food: Steak & Shake, McDonald's ( I can't get enough of those fillet o' fishes)

Dessert: Warm chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies, Chocolate cake

Ice Cream: Chocolate, Vanilla, Oreo Cookies & Cream & Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Candle: Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Peaches, Anything Febreze makes, First Rain, Honeydew Melon

Day: Saturday

Holiday: Halloween, then Christmas

Season: Spring (when it stops raining) & Summer

Cities: Los Angeles & Atlanta

Wow! You made it to the end of the list. You must be stalking me.

Want to know anything else, just email me...

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" I'm so glad I had Fancy for my annual Pumpkin Bash. She's fast nice and very talented! I can't wait for the next event in April."

Tamika Weaver

Holy Innocence School

"Dear Frances, Wanted to send you a note to say "Thank You" for your amazing face painting.It truly was a memorable experience for both kids and adults alike. While the kids r..."

R. K.

Happy Mom

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